Environment and Technology

SEnS srl was born from the idea of an enterprising group of professionals, with an important know-how in the sector of energy, electricity, industry and constructions.
Our Mission: Technology for everyone respecting and protecting the environment!

A bit of history….

From 2008 to 2010 the SEnS srl has been housed at the Incubator of Cava dei Tirreni’s local government following the public notice’s result about “high-tech firms” in the context of “URBAN Project” funded by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures.

Environment, Energy, Safety and Technology are the targets of our company.

Our strategic sectors are:

  • Energy e Project Management;
  • Energy production from renewable sources;
  • Efficiency and energy savings;
  • Asset Management, monitoring and Control Systems for power plants;
  • Industrial and civil plants;
  • Smart city and public lighting;
  • Technical and instrumental support for companies and professionals.

To Customer Service

We offer professionalism and technology to our customers.

Our engineering staff is able to offer the best solutions in various areas of our expertise.
“Ad Hoc“ service to every request !